What does every employee
need to thrive?


Do your employees believe in the organization’s purpose? Feel that they belong to a community of mutual support? Know that they matter to the group’s success?

“I believe, I belong, I matter.” It’s a foundation for employee engagement. It’s what every employee needs to thrive. It’s the responsibility of every leader.

And it’s a powerful framework for your executive and internal communications.

When every employee can truly say, “I believe in our purpose, I belong to this community, and I matter to our success,” then that organization is prepared to deliver big.

It’s not easy, because it calls for every leader and communicator to ask every day, “Are we doing all we can to help our employees believe, belong and matter?” And then answering—with the dialogue, conversations, policies and programs that bring this spirit to the particular goals and challenges of your organization.

This leadership and communications framework—“I believe, I belong, I matter”—can be used with any engagement, change or cultural approach you’re now using, to focus and strengthen its goals, messaging and execution.

If you’re an executive or communications professional wanting to inspire and strengthen your people—whether a global organization or a small team—I can help. Drawing from decades of organizational and communications experience, in companies of all sizes, I’ll help you clarify, focus and energize your communications and your team.

Learn more by downloading the paper, “Employee Engagement in 3 Simple (but Hard) Questions.

About me

When we work together, it’s you I’ll be most interested in—your biggest dreams and your worst fears, for yourself and your organization. But here’s a bit about me:

I am Mike Green of Michael Green Communications LLC. This is the company I started after semi-retiring from Intel after nearly 21 years there, including 5 years as director of global employee communications. My company’s name is less about ego (I hope) than about accuracy: when you work with me, it’s me you get.

Clients and colleagues say I’m good at asking the right questions, and really hearing the answers, to help you get to the heart of what you’re trying to say (and, sometimes, who you’re wanting to become).

You can learn more about me and the “believe, belong, matter” framework by looking further into my blogs at Michael Green Communications LLC and my book “Aiming Higher: Helping Employees Believe, Belong & Matter in Your Organization.”